How to create a script of view1090 --modeac after system reboot

Hi there,

I am currently using the Debian Version (DietPi) for my Raspbian Pi 3. I have installed dump1090-fa for my ADSB Decoder software to run with FlightAware PiAware & PlaneFinder. The Dump1090-fa will not forced to run --modeac automatically even it set to be “Enabled”.

Is there a way to create a script and let the view1090-fa --modeac to run automatically (silently) after the Pi is boot so that it will decode for modeac as well?

I look forward to hearing from the experts here. Thank you.

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in the command line of your pi run the following:

sudo piaware-config allow-modeac yes


Hi marakneo,

Thank you for the info. I have already set that.

SD card installs only: if “yes”, piaware and dump1090-fa will enable Mode A/C decoding if a client requests it.
Mode A/C decoding requires additional CPU when enabled.

Normally it will not enable while Client running as usual.

Now what I need is forced to enable and run ModeAC even client (PiAware) not request it.

Thank you in advance.