How to make piaware start ONLY manually?


I have piaware working on my Pi 3 unit, but I want to have piaware/dunp1090 and the webserver ONLY start manually - right now everything starts on boot.

How can I make piawawre only run when I manually tell it to? I don’t want a webserver, etc running at boot.

I tried removing piaware from rc-update, but that didn’t seem to help, and apparently dump1090-fa still runs even when I manually stop the piaware service. There is no dump1090 in /etc/init.d/ etither!


What image are you starting from and how did you install piaware and dump1090-fa?

Note that neither dump1090-fa nor piaware run a webserver.

Jessie image from main raspberry pi home page, I did the 3.1.0 repository as per:

What I’m looking to have is manual control on when I start and stop piaware/dump1090/webserver (or whatever is answering on :8080), as I use this Pi on offline networks, I want to use the DVB dongle to receive FM radio, etc using GQRX, etc.


In that setup piaware and dump1090-fa are started by systemd services. You can use systemctl to manage them. If you also want to stop the webserver, that is lighttpd.