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How to disable piaware & dump1090-fa etc so they do not start automatically?

I installed piaware on 26 Nov by following this page: https://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/install
It has worked perfectly.
However, I want to use my RTL-SDR for automatic download of polar orbiting NOAA satellites.
So, I would like to disable the automatic start of piaware that occurs at boot time.
I did see this discussion: How to make piaware start ONLY manually?
But, it does not really tell me what files should be modified to prevent the auto startup of piaware and its related programs.
I spent a lot of time searching through files but my Linux skills aren’t that great any more so I didn’t find anything that looked promising.
(I could probably try grepping through the entire file system but that doesn’t seem like a good option…)
I can certainly kill the processes using “service piaware stop” or maybe “systemctl disable” each time but that’s not really the solution I need since the NOAA satellite programs need to run constantly. I’d like to start the satellite downloading with a “clean” situation with respect to the RTL-SDR.
Any advice?
thanks much

If you just want to prevent dump1090-fa and piaware running then you can do:
sudo systemctl disable dump1090-fa
sudo systemctl disable piaware

which will prevent them running at boot time. Using systemctl stop for each one will stop a currently running instance.

Once you have done that your satellite reception software should be able to use the dongle without dump1090 interfering. You don’t need to change anything elsewhere in the file system.

If you want to uninstall piaware and dump1090 completely then do:
sudo apt purge dump1090-fa piaware

which will completely remove those packages including any configuration files, so be sure that’s what you want if you do it.

Thanks! That sounds like exactly what I was missing.
I’ll give it a try.