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Suspending dump978-fa for a period of time

I’m running both dump978-fa and dump1090-fa on an Rpi 3. I’d like run another application that needs one of the dongles every night for about an hour to capture other non FA data. Once that is done, “return” the dongle that I was using back to running dump978-fa. I’d be doing this on a cron job. I know how to set up the cron job in terms of timing, it’s the specific commands that I don’t have.

I can’t seem to do that right now. If I do a “killall” to dump978-fa and faup978, they end up starting up again. I can’t claim the RTL dongle that is running dump978-fa. I’m assuming they are on some kind of service that does this.Of course if there is a way to do this, I would think I’d need a command to re-start the dump978-fa when I’m done using the RTL dongle for other tasks.

Any ideas?

To stop dump978 and prevent it from being started by piaware (piaware will otherwise try to restart it after a while):

systemctl mask --now dump978-fa

To reverse this and restart it:

systemctl unmask dump978-fa
systemctl start dump978-fa


Thanks! This worked. I’m running these commands from a script, and I had to had “sudo” in front of the
commands to execute.