Piaware and PlanePlotter feed auto start problem (PPUP1090)


I am trying to set up planeplotter feed with ppup1090, but ppup1090 is required to be run from cloned repo of dump1090 located in home/pi/dump1090 , however piaware runs the dump1090 from usr/bin. Therefore , ppup1090 is not started automatically when piaware started. I am able to run ppup1090 from the command window and works without any error.

Do you know or do you have a solution to make ppup1090 to run automatically at startup of piaware?

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Assuming you are using Jessie, you canmake a basic service file that starts ppup1090 on boot.

Open a file called ppup1090.service like this:

Description=Planeplotter uploader



Edit the ExecStart line to point to the location of ppup1090. Add any command line options to the end of it.

Save the file in the location /etc/systemd/system/

Then do

sudo systemctl daemon-reload

sudo systemctl start ppup1090

to start it.

sudo systemctl enable ppup1090

will enable it so that it runs at boot time.

I don’t think that ppup1090 needs to be in any particular location to run, but it does need to be compiled against the Malcolm Robb branch of dump1090. It works fine with dump1090 mutability once compiled though.


caius, I thought there was a dependency that ppup1090 had to start after dump109* was running. I have the same issue and start it manually. I’ll try the service route as soon as I get home - in August.


In which case you can add this line under the [unit] section:


and it should start them in the correct order.


Actually, I think I am not using Jessie, since the system commands are not working. I am currently running the dump1090-mutability version on Piaware (which I guess it is raspbian linux). PPUP1090 is running if I ran it from the command bash line but I could not achieve to run via ppup1090 script in init.d folder.


It’s been a while, and this thread slipped into the buried treasure file. Till now. My rpi B+ running dump1090-mutability, piaware, and ppup1090 has been generating notes from FA that it’s getting overloaded. Picked up a new rpo 3 and configuring it. Running dump1090-FA to play nice. Downloaded Malcom Robbs dump1090 to compile ppup1090 then moved it into the dump1090 for FA.

Mostly working, but not starting on boot as hoped.

Description=Planeplotter uploader
ExecStart=/home/pi/dump1090/ppup1090  --quiet


I thought it might be that got the dependency wrong, or dump1090-fa was not running as a service,
but I found the entry /etc/systemd/system/default.target.wants/dump1090-service
Unfamiliar with the system service processes.