Assistance please - Can't Find view1090-fa

Have set up a test RPi running on a LAN with no internet connection. Installed only the dump1090-fa package, not piaware. This isn’t to be an FA feeder

Wanted to monitor planes with view1090-fa (have done this in the past) but can’t find the file - probably didn’t install with the dump 1090 package. Web interface not useful with no internet connection as maps don’t display

Tried using apt-get update/upgrade but package not found.

Is there a way to install it separately?


It’s packaged with dump1090-fa:

$ dpkg -L dump1090-fa | grep view1090

FWIW, you should be able to convince the webmap to use a set of local tiles if you wanted to go that route. Since moving to openlayers there’s no dependency on external hosted javascript (as there was with google maps) so it should work fine offline so long as you can give it tiles.

Thanks OBJ.

That was easy (when you know what to do!).

I’ll pursue the local tile suggestion as well since that would be the ideal for my offline work.

I plan to use this setup when we are in remote areas on a small local wifi network that will allow some other users to be able to access the web interface. For now at least they can see the display from view1090.