Very Strange Flight

Came out of BFI, No destination showing. Nothing showing on Flightaware, went to flightradar24 and nothing there. No registration no serial number.

Track showing SW out of BFI, it could be a delivery flight out of BFI, thats where Boeing delivers the 737s. That Current track would put it to Hawaii (a first stop for most
delivering 737s to asia/pacific)

Only thing showing is ICAO and its not in the data base

HBH1445 is flight #
ICAO 781169

ICAO24-address 781169 is from China CN ] : 780000…7BFFFF (262144 allocations, 011110-- -------- --------)
781169 hex = 7868777 decimal = 36010551 octal = 01111000 00010001 01101001 binary.


When I said not in data base, meaning I knew it was a China A/C but nothing else. No owner no nothing