I love the new alert feature. Yesterday I stopped receiving them for some reason. Also-the emails seem to come much later sometimes a day later.




Verizon and a couple other ISPs that subscribe to an e-mail “blacklist” have erroneously banned FlightAware due to the large volume of messages we send out daily (hundreds of thousands). We are working with them to resolve this problem as soon as possible.


thanks-I have verizon both for email and phone. Are they blocking texts too?


I believe so – we are working on it but at their mercy, unfortunately.




Many phone calls, web requests, and e-mails to Verizon have gone without action. Verizon continues to not accept flight alert messages from FlightAware. The major mail providers (e.g., AOL, Yahoo, Google, etc) don’t have these kind of problems.

I am really sorry for the inconvenience. It is unfortunate but Verizon has demonstrated a lack of willingness to work on it and/or an exceptional bureaucracy that prevents it from being fixed.

I will post any updates as we receive them.


Dan, no promises or anything, but try an email to but Scott would be the preferred contact.

“In April 2005, Verizon Modified Its Spam Blocking Policy And Procedures In An Effort To More Effectively Block Spam Only While Delivering Legitimate Email. However, Because No Policy Is Perfect, The Modified Policy Notifies Senders Of Blocked Email That Their Email Did Not Reach The Intended Recipient.”

“Any spam-blocking method will, inevitably, result in the blocking or delay of legitimate email. This is yet another reason why spammers are harmful to the Internet community. If you believe you are not receiving legitimate email, you should call our technical support desk for assistance or send an email to and we will work to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.”

Also: … sp?id=isp&


I will switch my email on Flightaware to a different address. How about the text messages? Is that also affected. Are people with Verizon Wireless not receiving text messages on their phone or did I just experience a momentary glitch?

Thanks for your hard work.


Just added a couple of random airline flights and my text is now working. Must have been a random glitch. Switched my email to aol and it is now working fine as well.

Thanks for the help. Good luck with Verizon.


There’s a way you can have AOL do Verizon’s job for you. When I first signed up, I asked that FA alerts be sent to my cell as a TXT msg. The flights in my alerts took place and I never received any messages.

Here’s the way around it, but you all have probably figured this out. AOL offers free email alerts as a service to subcribed members. You can set AOL to alert your Verizon cell when you get the alert email in AOL from FA. I haven’t tried it yet though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Believe this is all set now.


Nope. My plane just departed and I didn’t get text to my verizon phone. I am trying to backdoor this with my mail server to auto-forward the message.



What’s the e-mail domain of the wireless provider?


#15 seem so be working smoothly – can you verify you have the correct address in your profile?


Doh’! Mee dumm gye. I forgot I had turned them off while I was on vacation.

My bad. Carry on :slight_smile:


Hey, I’d rather have it be your fault than ours! :slight_smile:


How about a list of common wireless phone carrier domain names. I have verizon wireless so I know its]( but I dont’ know the domains of other carriers…


Yeah, we’ve got that in the works.


Until we find a better place to put it, here are some of the more common carriers in the US: