No alerts?

Am I the only one who didn’t received any alerts since yesterday?

I am sorry that you did not receive your alerts yesterday. The alerts system seems to be working properly and we have not had any other instances reported.

I checked your account and we show that 6 alerts were sent out to you yesterday. Have you checked your spam folder to see if your email provider marked them incorrectly?

I was suppose to received the same 6 alerts today, but I didn’t receive anything. I have checked my spam folder ; nothing. Here is the 2 flights alerts I was suppose to receive today :

And when I check “Recently delivered alerts” in “My alerts”, I only see yesterday alerts of those flights?!


I have our technical support team looking further into this issue. Hopefully we will be able to determine the cause of this omission quickly and correct it.

I will let you know once we have some new information.

Alerts are down for me since Monday as well. I have alerts set up for everything FPL’d and departing to TXKF, also same for everything leaving there. Since Monday I’ve only had alerts for the bizjets heading there. All the airliner flights haven’t sent any alerts at all. Last airliner alert I received was 1729z on Monday.

I also have alerts set for anything with a BOE number. These are all airliners and I’ve been receiving all those alerts just fine, so it seems to be something specific to scheduled airliner flights only. :confused:

Your issue with that one alert appears to be unrelated, and we’re also looking into it.

We believe both issues are fixed now. Please let us know if you note any more missing alerts.

BDA worked again for about 1 hour then nothing since 1923z and that is the current status quo :confused: . My BOE alerts continue to work fine.

Alerts works fine now, thanks!