I have received alerts without any problems for quite awhile now. Today, I did not receive any alerts. I should have received alerts for three aircraft in our fleet. Any ideas on what the problem might be? I checked my spam filter and they were not there.

There’s been a major revamp/upgrade of flight alerts in the last week. I suggest you go to your profile and review your alerts to see if they’re still there.

No, there’s a problem with them. Mark knows about it and is presumably investigating. I should have had around 20 alerts yesterday but nothing received at all. Working fine the day before so something must have broken. :frowning:

Just to add that mine all came back to life again in the afternoon of 11 July and have been all working since. :smiley:

We’ve resolved a few alert issues today.
RobK you’re not getting any KBFI/B73* alerts because that alert is disabled. We found a bug that was disabling alerts so if you still want those alerts reenable it and you shouldn’t miss any more.

My airport alerts, as well as some flight alerts, had disabled themselves. I just re-enabled them. Thanks for the tip, and for getting this sorted out. New technology always has bugs at first. I love the new system, however! Thank you all for your great work.

Yes, just seen nugget’s reply in the other thread explaining. I’ve re-enabled the one you set up for me and have just received an alert from that criteria so all mine are working fine now thanks. :slight_smile:

Same here. My airport alert just sent out a message five minutes ago.

Hmm, maybe I spoke a bit prematurely about the alerts working okay. My alert for CSN719 didn’t arrive until 16 mins after it had departed. It departed at 1604z and I received alert at 1620. My email collects every 1 min and works fine so this is strange. Usually alerts come through 5-6 mins after the event, ie. this alert should have arrived by 1610. :confused:

I’m receiving alerts but they do not have a subject line.

The two latest alerts I received are CXP213 (depart PSC 1730 PDT) and CXP211 (depart ENV 1400)

Alerts that go to your mobile email address do not have a subject line. Alerts that go to your primary email address will.

Is that new with the new alert system? My alerts, which actually go to my “mobile” email address of (i.e. it’s not really a mobile email address) had subject lines as recently as 13 July at 0704 PDT(CXP213 filing a flight plan). Then, my next alert arrived at 1056 PDT on the same day (SWA3918 flight plan) without a subject line.

Our original attempted delivery at 1609Z was refused by your mail server.

First attempt (timestamps CDT):
Jul 14 11:09:35 victor postfix/smtp[25570]: A6F4612360: to=<>,[]:25, delay=28, delays=0.22/18/9.8/0, dsn=4.0.0, status=deferred (host[] refused to talk to me: 421 Service not available)

Second attempt:
Jul 14 11:19:34 victor postfix/smtp[25554]: A6F4612360: to=<>,[]:25, delay=627, delays=596/0/14/17, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 Message received: 20090714161918.KMQM26301.aamtain06-winn …

Contact your mail server administrator for more details. My guesses are their server was too busy to accept the message at the time or they were using an anti-spam measure called graylisting (temporarily refusing delivery, because spammers don’t retry). If it’s the latter you can ask them to whitelist

Yeah, it’s a very recent change in response to complaints that several mobile carriers were not handling the presence of the subject header very well. I can see how it’s sort of a pain with the way you’re using the mobile email setting, though.

Thanks for your response.

With gmail it’s not too bad - I have it set up to show the first part of the message so I can just look in there. Also have it set up so that the email is labeled FlightAware.

Okay then sorry. Not usually a problem with that address and there is no spam filtering set up on it. I’ll amend the address to one on my own site which I know won’t suffer such issues. In the mean time, could you please remove my email address from the extract above so that I don’t end up with 3 billion spam emails coming through, ta.

Edit - thanks Mark :smiley:

Hmm, there still seem to be a few gremlins knocking about. In amongst my alerts received over past 24 hrs I have received details for Cessna 335 CGBOE filing a fpl CYRQ-CYYY plus also the departure alert. I have no alerts set up for this and nothing in my other alerts that should trigger it. :open_mouth:

mduell </3 regex

“IDENT ~ BOE." matches that tail number. mduell should have set it up as "IDENT ~ ^BOE.

I fixed it.

Aha! I see why it was triggered now. I guess the original alert was set to trigger an alert for any ARCID containing BOE? :smiley: