When will flight alerts be working?


Still doesn’t send any. :confused:


I get mine to both my email and phone.

Just a question…

Do you have them “turned on?” in your profile? I wasn’t getting them to my phone and realized that was the reason.


RobK just looked up your account and you do not have any alerts set up. PM me if you need help with this.


I’ve got alerts set up for airports RNT, BFI and PAE in my profile where it says “airports to watch”. I’ve got my email address entered correctly but nothing is coming through. :confused: :confused: And I’ve checked my spam folder too, before you say! :laughing: :wink:


As Daniel made clear in your previous thread, flight alerts are for flights only and not airports. The “Airports to watch” field is under the “My FlightAware” section which is not related to flight alerts or notifications.