Flight alert not working



Anyone know how to get the flight alert thing working? Quite confusing.

I’ve entered my 3 airports like so


and entered my email address in the mobile address thing (can’t see where else to enter it - don’t have AIM or the other one) and clicked on update profile and the page just gives me a status bar creeping up at a millimetre per second and then eventually freezes. After about 5 minutes it returns a “this page cannot be displayed” error.

Tried again WITHOUT adding my email address in the box as I noticed it’s already listed further up my profile, so clicked update profile and says it’s been updated but I’m not getting any alerts through in my email, despite new flights showing under more than one of the aforementioned airfields.

It’s all rather confusing. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong here? :confused:


They don’t have the email alert thingy enabled yet. I guess it will be in the same release with wild card searches… :slight_smile:


Hope so! Been a long time now! :slight_smile: