Flight Alerts Stopped Working

Howdy. None of the flight alerts I’ve set up in the last few months have generated a text msg or email. They used to work, and everything looks good on-screen. What’dya think?

You need to use ICAO airport codes (like KSLC) rather than IATA airport codes (like SLC) and the alert was only for 1 day per the start/end dates you selected.

Mmmm… I thought I had used the K! The alert was intended only for one day, and it was mainly to see if they were working again. I’ll do another one and see what happens. Thanks for the help.

Email successfully delivered and my Mobile Email was not sent.

Everything was typed in correctly. I did not receive any Mobile email. I receive all other emails alerts and text on time. What is the issue with flightaware?

You entered your phone number instead of a valid email address.

This page provides guidance on what your phone’s email address should be, or contact your carrier.

I’ve entered in 2 different tail numbers - one yesterday & one today - set the dates for today through next Tuesday (11/24) and used the K before the airport code. I’m not getting alerts to my e-mail or phone via text. I have the text set up as an e-mail address using my phone number & this has worked numerous times in the past. Does anyone know why it’s not sending the alerts?

We’re looking at your issue, lholmes03. Created the alert about 5 minutes before the flight plan was filed, which is fine and should have triggered an alert. Wheels up is in about an hour so we’ll see if that sends an alert.

The flight took off at 3:38 CDT & I’m still not getting any alerts.

Sorry about that, this has now been resolved. Let us know if we miss the next flight.

It seems to be working now. Thanks for your help!!

Some alerts are failing for me as well. :frowning:

I never received the RNT departure alert for BOE43 yesterday but got the MWH arr/dep and BFI arr ones. Why did the RNT dep alert fail? :confused:

That departure was during a brief non-recoverable alerts outage we had yesterday.

I also fixed your KMZJ alert; if you want all departures, don’t put anything (like a *) in the ident box.

:slight_smile: I was wondering wtf the MZJ alerts were about. As I’m sure you noticed, I attempted to set up an ‘all deps’ alert for MZJ but it wouldn’t let me do a catch-all for the ARCID field so I actually gave up with it and forgot about it. Thanks for sorting that out for me Mark :smiley: .