Aircraft type missing from alerts starting today?


Noticed that I didn’t receive some e-mail alerts today that I usually receive… A few of these alerts are run through Gmail filters and are either passed along to me or deleted depending on the aircraft type.

When I checked my trash folder, I noticed that all of the alerts had been deleted due to my Gmail filters not finding an aircraft type to use as part of the filtering that takes place.

Prior to today, the airline and flight number would be listed in the alert, along with the aircraft type (B738 for example).

So…what happened? :confused:



…and within the past ten minutes or so, aircraft types have returned to the alert e-mails. :smiley:


We had a major flight tracking upgrade last night, and it introduced a bug causing aircraft type to sometimes be missing. Fixed earlier today, around the time of your message.


I get IOS-only alerts daily, but did not get them today. Since these don’t go through email, it must be another bug?


I have filed a ticket internally to have this looked at. Ticket is 58481 if you do not hear from us within a few days. Feel free to ping the topic or contact us at


Thanks for your patience. We believe this problem is addressed. Let us know if you continue to miss alerts.


IOS alerts are working again as of Friday. Thank you. My notification of a reply on this thread got caught as spam by Gmail, so I just now saw you had responded here. :smiley:
Thanks again,


I have the same issue here… All topic reply notifications from FlightAware always end up in my GMail spam folder. :neutral_face: