Alert by Aircraft Type

I would like to be able to receive an alert based on the type of aircraft, eg B744, A388, etc. My home airport gets a lot of drop ins.

As of right now, Flight Alerts can only be set for aircraft registration numbers and/or flight numbers.

I second this request as a future feature.

Aircraft type alerts are now available -

Thank you.

Fantastic feature, easy to use, but seems a little buggy, I’m getting 99% errant alerts now:

The flights listed below (and in my inbox) are totally unrelated, I seem to be getting ALL BFI flight alerts rather than matching the criteria I set?

Sorry, this was fixed earlier this morning, but a bunch of erroneous alerts did get sent out over the course of a few hours. Should be sane now.


Just seen this new addition and as it was something I requested some years ago a thanks is now in order! :smiley:

One question though - is it possible to set up alerts for “blanket” callsigns and types, eg. if I set up an alert for BOE*** (where * can be anything) would that give me an alert whenever a BOE flight files or moves? Same question for types, can I set up B73* to alert me of all B737 variant movements. ie. B736, B737, B738 and B739, or does each one have to be made individually?

That would be the icing on the cake if it could be done? :slight_smile:

I tried B73* a couple of days ago - it didn’t seem to find anything.

Users can’t yet set up complex alerts, but staff can.

RobK: I set up an alert for you for any Boeing callsign or any B73* departing KBFI

Hi Mark, that’s great - thanks a lot! :slight_smile: