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I’ve made an alarm looking likes this:
Destination: ICAO code of airport
Aircraft Type: B738
Also alert me before the flight arrives is flagged
Minutes before arrival: 60
When would you like to be alerted?: Indefinite
Yet i do not get any emails whatsoever and i can see multiple B738 landing in the aiport i provided. Then comes the questions, It works for others; why not for me? Thanks…

I do not currently see an alert set up on your account using these parameters.

Thanks for your reply, yes, you are right, there’s no B738 alarm anymore but there are others based on the same rule, just cannot understand how to receive emails based on when those plane types land in the provided airport, as much it sounds simple, i must admit it was my mistake since instead i get them if set to “Scheduled”, just would like to have them when the plane lands…