flight alerts for any type of 737


I would like to set up an for anytime a 737 lands at a certain airport. It looks as if the alerts treats a 737-300, 737-700, 737-800 as different types of aircraft. Is there a code that will cover any type of 737? Thanks!


Set up the alert the way you want it (airport, what events to alert on, where to send the alerts) for one of the 737 types and save it. I’ll make it generic to all types of 737 but after I do that you won’t be able to modify it (except to enable/disable it).


Ok, thanks! I have 5 alerts set up, all for the rare heavy that lands at my local airport, so if you could make them all generic, I’d appreciate it!
Thank you so much


Ok, I set up an alert for all the relative exotics arriving. Do you really want 737s in the list? It’s going to be a lot of SWA flights at your airport.


Holy cow that looks great! No, I do not need 737’s on there. Thank you. There was an El-Al 747 and a Delta 747 in here the other day, and a Virgin Atlantic a340 to boot. I missed all three, so what you set up is terrific. We get no more like 5-10 of these big guys a year, so its a shame to miss em. Thank you very much again, I truly appreciate your help!


Hello, I am sorry to bug you with this again but here goes. Will this alert be set off anytime a flight is diverted to KBDL that is a heavy/exotic? The alert looks like it is set up to go off only if a heavy’s destination is KBDL. For the most part, there is never a scheduled heavy into KBDL (with the exception of an FedEx or UPS A306 or 767), it will only come here via a diversion. What I’d like the alert to show, if it isn’t already, is any time the selected aircraft types are en route to, arrived at or leaving from KBDL, whether they are scheduled or diverted. I noticed American flight 235 (a B767) is currently being diverted to KBDL, but I have not received an alert. I only have received alerts for a regularly scheduled flight to KBDL. Thank you again very much for all your help!


We don’t support alerts for an aircraft diverting to a particular airport. All the alert criteria apply to the original flight.


Thank you again for this, I actually just got my first surprise alert from this a FedEx DC10 this morning. One last request, right now the alert is setup for destination=KBDL, can you have it also setup for origin=KBDL? There is rarely an exotic scheduled to arrive here, so I’m really looking for diversions, both flights diverted here, and then when the leave for their original destination. Since you don’t track diversions to a specific airport, I think having destination and origin selected works best. Of course, if you can figure a better way please let me know! My goal is to be alerted any time one of these exotics is enroute here or leaving here, and anything in between. Thank you again