Flight Alert Improvement?

I would like to set up flight alerts for certain aircraft types.

Specifically 747SP and DC-8 activity. As these types are very rare (almost non-existent), I should not be overwhelmed with alerts.

Example: Some middle eastern governments occasionally fly into KIAD using 747SP’s. I want to capture that without having to constantlly monitor all traffic for that busy airport.

As it stands now, I can only set up an alert for a specific commercial flight number, or a specific reg. number. Is that correct?

Aircraft type alerts are now available - flightaware.com/account/manage/alerts/

How do I set it up to alert on everything except prop planes. ex: all jets ok.

You do realize that would entail thousands of alerts each day? The system won’t let you get an alert that gives you over a 1,000 alerts.

You’d need a separate alert for each jet aircraft type you want to be alerted for.

This is great news! Thanks.

I think there may be a few kinks to work out on this one.

If I’ve read the alert setup instructions correctly, I should be able to specify a certain aircraft type and a certain destination and get alerts only for that type arriving at that location.

But when I set up 5-6 alerts, my cell phone started going wild with all flights (of any aircraft type) arriving at my destination airport.

It was not recognizing the a/c type as a filter.

Note: They appear as disabled because they aren’t delivering the correct results. They were enabled a few minutes before the screenshot was made.

Three questions:
How many alerts can I now get? It accepted number six for my account.
How do I delete an alert from the list?
How do you access the “recent activity log?”


EDIT: And the airport alerts aren’t working for me. I put in an airport code as the departure airport, with a start date of 7/7/09 and an end date of 7/31/2009. After I enabled the alert, an aircraft filed a flight plan and departed. I received no notification.

Got this one fixed, sorry for the flood. It was matching any flight plan with an unknown aircraft type, and your KIAD alert has a lot of that sort of traffic (inbound from Europe we often do not receive the aircraft type initially).

Registered members can have 5 enabled alerts; for premium and premium plus accounts it’s 25 and unlimited, respectively.
Just disable it.
It should appear once alerts have been sent for you.

Thanks. I’ll do it.

My airport gets about two jet flights a day and everything else is small single engine. Most of the single engine planes do need to file.

I’m still having some difficulty getting the airport alerts to work. I set up both an arrival and departure alert for one airport, and have received no notification even though aircraft are going in and out. I set up another departure alert for a different airport and received three messages within moments.

Ah! I see know. But that’s not what you said. I read it has you wanting to get alerts on all jets throughout the nation, not all jets for a specific airport.

Did you set up separate alerts for arrivals and departures? All fields are combined with a logical AND, so if you put the same airport for origin and destination you’ll only get aircraft flying in circles.

edit: I see the alert now. When did you create it? Not much traffic at that airport.

I created it yesterday morning about this time. (7:00 AM Eastern). The two arrivals and two departures on there now all occurred after I set up the alert.

Oops, fixed.

Thanks, it’s working great now!

The old flight plan alert included the expected route. Has the “upgrade” done away with that feature?

I am noticing a problem with the new alerts.

I’ve set up my maximum allowed (5) and enabled them all.

However, when I check back later, various alerts disable themselves randomly. I can re-enable them. But a few hours later, another one disables itself.