Can't add alert for "aircraft type" + "airport"


Hey gang,

With the new alert management interface, I get an error when trying to add an alert based on only airport and type. For example, any A124 scheduled for destination of KJFK. The error is “bad or missing ident”. However, I have existing alerts configured, which were made with the old alert interface, that are also just airport+type and they work just fine. What’s up?



This should be fixed tomorrow at 5pm Central.


Great!! Thanks.


Seems like a variant of this problem has cropped up again. Similar to before, when trying to enter an alert for only airport and type, I get an error of “you must enter a flight number”. Existing alerts of just airport+type still work fine. I hope this isn’t a new “feature!” The flexibility of being able to alert on only type and airport is essential for being able to catch unique and unexpected birds.