Several errors noted with newer notification options...

I was toying around with the newer options of receiving a notification of a specific aircraft type arriving or departing from a specific airport and ran into a few problems…

For some reason, my notification list is claiming that I have 5 alerts enabled when I only have 4 enabled. I even deleted all of my alerts completely and it still claims that I have 1 alert enabled. Any ideas here?

I’m also curious about putting the same airport code in the ‘Origin’ and ‘Destination’ fields when requesting alerts for a specific equipment type…

Example: If I put ‘KBNA’ in both fields and put ‘DC10’ in the equipment field, when I save the alert it displays “Any flight is departing KBNA and is arriving KBNA and flying DC10 equipment.” My question is: will this alert me to any DC10’s arriving and departing BNA to/from anywhere, or will it only show me DC10’s that have filed a test flight-like flight plan that has them departing from and then returning to KBNA?

The way it reads, I get the impression that I wouldn’t receive an alert for a KATL → KBNA DC10 flight and then the KBNA → KATL DC10 return flight. Does this mean that I’d need to setup two separate alerts to see arriving and departing DC10’s (leaving the ‘origin’ field blank on one and the ‘destination’ field blank on the other)?

There also seems to be an issue when editing an alert… If you already have 5 alerts enabled and edit one of them, when you click the ‘Save’ button you get “You cannot have more than 5 enabled flight alerts, sorry.” - as if you’re creating a new alert instead of simply editing an existing alert and re-saving it with modifications. If you only have 4 or less enabled alerts it works properly and saves whatever changes have been made.

I’ve been waiting for features like this for a while and I’m thrilled that you guys have worked this into the site… Thanks for everything, guys!


Hey that’s weird. You deleted an enabled alert and it didn’t get disabled. I fixed it.

All of the fields are combined with a logical AND, so if you put KBNA in both airport fields you’ll only get planes going in circles. Create an alert for each inbound and outbound.

I’ll report that to the responsible developer.