Alerts for aircrafttype inbound/outbound from airport


I think it would be nice to be alerted when a specific kind of aicrafttype is inbound or outbound from an airport.

So if you are interested in seeing that elusive Antonov or L-1011, etc, you could get notified when one of any carrier/flight number is scheduled?


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I’d like to second this suggestion. I live near a smaller airport (CYWG) and the only heavies we see are usually diversions. It would be great to be able to specify a number of aircraft types (A30*, A310, A33*, A34*, A380 (wishful thinking), B74*, B76*, B77*, A124), or even just all “heavies” and have an alert whenever one of them shows up in a flight plan to/from CYWG.

Thanks for the great site!


Excellent idea!


I have to agree, also.

Not a bad idea at all!


Just wanted to bump this.

I’d love to be able to get an alert when a specific aircrafttype is inbound or outbound to a particular airport. Makes for getting photos of some of those elusive aircraft a lot easier.

I missed an L-1011 at KSEA this morning, would have love to had a bead on it, but its flight # was unique to that flight only.

BTW, would the subscription-based API allow me to do this myself?


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Yes, indirectly. You could query all of the inbound aircraft to an airport at regular intervals. It would come to about $50/mo to query the arrivals for a large airport every hour.


Instead of starting ANOTHER thread about ideas for the alerts, I will just add my thought here.

What about being able to set an alert to come to (for example) my cell phone at a certain point during the flight? Basically, what I would like to do is set an alert to come when a flight is 20 minutes from the ETA. This is handy for knowing when friends/relatives are coming in a little more accurately and you can plan your day around it.

Oh, and can I have this feature available by Friday afternoon? :laughing: :wink:


Sure, buy an iPhone tomorrow and you can use its almost-complete web browser to watch FlightAware on Friday! :wink:


mduell, you have $600 I can “borrow”?

I promise to repay you, unless I forget to, or just decide not to…

OK, in somewhat seriousness though, would/could this be an option in the future?


Of course it’s possible, but not in the immediate future due to back-end changes needed.


I told my wife she needed some back end changes. Man did that hurt when she hit me…

Anyway, thanks mduell! I fully expect that feature to be available by March 17th, 2025. :smiley:


While we are on the topic of text alerts, heads up for Cingular users. I just found out that the “” has changed to If for some reason you no longer get alerts, and you are on the old cingular system, try switiching you “yournumber”