tracking inbound aircraft feature?


Long time user to the app, but first time posting here. Did I miss something or is the tracking inbound aircraft feature gone in this latest version? Maybe I am just looking at the wrong flights but it doesn’t seem to appear anymore. Any help?


Is it possible to get email notifications on incomining flights to my airport. I am a small GA airport with a premium membership.


What app and what flight?


Yes, go to and click advanced options to add your destination airport.


Sorry, this is from FlightAware app v4.0.95 for Android. So for example I am flying out this evening from LGA to PIT on Flt 5782. There used to be a button at the bottom that said Inbound flight or something like that and when you clicked on it it would show the aircraft coming in for that flight. Now if you click on the airport (which is not really intuitive) you get ALL of the incoming flights not specifically the one you may be on. Is it always the first flight listed or could it be a different flight that is listed? It’s just not as clean as it used to be.


The Track Inbound option is in the overflow menu “…” on the flight details screen when that flight’s information is available.


The answer is slightly more complicated than that.

If your device has a hardware menu button, the overflow menu will be place there. The three dots “…” mentioned previously only appear on devices that do not have a hardware menu button.

Additionally, the track inbound feature will only be present in the menu if there is inbound flight data available for the currently displayed flight.


I just checked for my flight today (Dec 31, 14) UAL 395 ORD-SAN. There is a link for “track inbound flight”, but when I follow it, I end up with UAL 495 which says it’s going from DEN to IAD (!). My ORD flight departs at 18:05 CST, and the flight to IAD is scheduled to arrive IAD at 16:13 EST. That would leave 3 hours for the plane to get form IAD to ORD - if in fact it’s the same equipment - but this doesn’t seem to make sense to me. I can’t imagine UAL flying an empty plane to ORD - so either this is not the correct equipment, or there’s another scheduled flight between the two.

Is this a FlightAware “bug” somehow picking the wrong “inbound” to track - or is it United feeding bogus info to FA? If the latter, then shouldn’t FA realize the two flights don’t line up and not act as though it has valid data to give me?

Or maybe this is all “pilot error” on my part, and I’m overlooking something…



The data is from a variety of sources, but the future fleet assignments are from United and can have errors. Our release on Monday has a fix to prevent discontinuities where the airports don’t match.


I cannot see the ‘track inbound aircraft’ feature on either my computer or my iPhone. Can you help?


What flight?


Delta 6296, 6186


Those are actually GoJet flights and they don’t send us the data necessary.


Yes, I knew they were GoJet. Didn’t realize you don’t have the info. Thanks for your help


What about Alaska 771 (DCA to PDX)?

Also, is this feature available on your ios app?

Thanks in advance for your help with this -


Only about 15% of the flights operated by Alaska Air provide registration information to us that is needed to provide the inbound flight information. The iOS app, Android app, website, mobile website, and FlightXML API all provide inbound flight tracking when we have the information necessary for that flight.


Thanks for this useful information.

Just out of curiosity, why does Alaska provide information for some but not all flights? I’d expect either none or all (or at least, most). Also, is there a pattern to the flights for which they do provide information? And, any chance they will provide information for more/all flights any time soon?