Setting up alert


Hey everyone,

I was wondering if it was possible to do a basic all incoming flights flight alert. Last summer I was able to receive an email for every inbound flight to KAGS, but I went and tried to do this today, and got an error: “You must enter a flight number” So, is the feature for all flights at an airport gone, or is this just a bug?



Why would youn want this? Just use the airport tracker to see flights


Was just handy to get it sent to email, which is then sent to BlackBerry. In the summer months we can get some pretty interesting diversions (had a DL A330 last year) that are really fun to see. I can’t be glued to flightaware (as much as I’d love to) all the time :stuck_out_tongue:


We limit the alerts users are able to set up based on the expected rate of alerts, we don’t want to send someone 1000 emails a day.

Are you just looking for widebodies and unusual coming into KAGS? Which types?

What events (flight plan filed, departed, arrived) do you want to be alerted for?