how about Airport alerts (rather than aircraft alerts)

I am the volunteer a/p manager for KPTD, a very low-volume airport.

It would be very helpful to receive email, AIM or jabber alerts for incoming flights to KPTD.

Could you add alerts by airport?

For us low-budget/low-volume airports, you could limit it to 5 or so alerts per day…?


You do realize that you would only receive alerts for IFR arrivals or VFR with flight following, right?

Yes, I realize only ifr or flight followed vfr traffic would be reported.

Today, for example, it’s IFR conditions and I have DPW trucks on the runway plowing. Theoretically incoming traffic would listen to the awos message, then activate PCL in addition to calling on CTAF.

Having extra (advance) notification of incoming traffic would be very helpful for us, so that we could notify DPW to get off the rwy by a certain time.
Yes, VFR traffic could show up, but then we’d be no worse off than we are now.

Also throughout the year we have various charter a/c arrive (always on IFR plans). We have construction projects scheduled this summer. It would be good to get, even a 45 minute advance notice of scheduled arrival.

We don’t get much traffic, but knowing in advance of arrivals, especially on bad weather days, would be helpful.

I would like to have alerts by airport. My airport has about 5-10 flights a day and 80% of flights are IFR. I wonder how hard it would be to implement this system with the current site/cost.

I would also like airport alerts. We are in the same situation, where it would be handy to have an alert sent to me when someone has filed to come into the airport. Then I can forward the email to my phone so when I am on the runway plowing we have a heads up.

actually I am surprised this option is not available, it would be great for us small time (normally unattended airports)airport managers to be able to utilize airport alerts, it would also be great if it could be set up for text messaging also, I realize it would tax the system allot if everybody all of a sudden requested a busy airport but maybe if there was a limit of some sort to the total number of alerts allowed per day is a very good idea or maybe a charge per message or alert.


it would be nice if we could have a discussion or a reply from one of the mods on this subject.

I would be happy if it was set to 10 alerts per day. With priority on arrivals over departures.

Anything over 10 alerts would involve a fee but might bring the personal limit up to 30 per day.

:slight_smile: I’d also like to add my main to the list too, but I personally wouldn’t pay for such a feature on its own.

In an ideal world I would particularly like to see airport alerts with filters for certain criteria, like filtering for specific airlines/operators for example.

Anyone else have any input on this request, again it would be great if this was an option

Watch the website tomorrow. :wink:

Viola, airport (and other) alerts -