A/C type in text alerts?

Hey I was just wondering, is there any way to have the aircraft type as well as the tail number sent in the text alerts to my phone? As my name implies, I’m a lineman. We use FA quite often just to get a heads up on what may be coming in. I like getting the text alerts, but it’s almost kind of useless beyond the point that I know something scheduled in without the type. Either a full written out type, or a four-character type code would work fine.
Thanks in advance

Agreed. I’ve got an alert set up for my local airport, which receives a moderate amount of traffic. It would be nice to know the a/c type attached to the tail number. You don’t know if you’re dealing with a Cessna 150 or Gulfstream.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll add the aircraft type for alerts.

Great! Thanks.

Hm…I need help. :frowning: How do I set it up so I get the aircraft type in the text alerts for my airport?