Virgin Atlantic 747 in Charlotte Sunday October 24th

Did anyone else see the Virgin Atlantic 747 arriving at Charlotte Douglas about 2pm? I called Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America to see what the departure schedule was for the plane, and both were unaware of any of their planes landing in Charlotte yesterday?

Is there a site, Facebook page, or anything where I can receive notifications of interesting aircraft arriving like the AN-225 on 10/1 or the 747s?



This site does a pretty good job of notifying people.

True, but I was thinking about something that pushed information. How about an App? :sunglasses: Even a Facebook page would help to stay informed. I don’t get a chance to look through here too much, and hate when I miss a cool aircraft.

try posting in the notable activity forum then make sure that you are notified when a posting occurs.

In your profile you can setup alerts to be emailed when a certain type of aircraft is at a selected airport.

Thank you for the information. How can I cross reference a 747 to it aircraft name (i.e. n123AB, etc.).

If you know the tail number, you can set up alerts by tail number. Under the “flight alert” in your profile you will see all the combinations you can track.