Flight Diversion tracking by aircraft type

So I tried to setup a diversion alert for the B788 but its giving me a warning that “As defined, this alert will trigger over 1,000 flights a week.” Even when set to 1 day. Will not allow me to create the alert.

Aircraft type is B788, advanced options set to report when flights are diverted.

Is it possible to set an alert for a fleet based on aircraft type and diversion as the reason?

(and I’m not trying to sensationalize by using the B788, just curious. I know a lot of reasons will be medical and not technical, but I’d like to know when they go off schedule, and understand it won’t capture 100%).

I’ve submitted a bug on this issue and should hear back from our developers within the next couple of days. I’ll send you an email once I hear back from them.

Ive tried the same for my home airport (KALB) and received the same error.