Email alerts not showing aircraft type


I’ve noticed ever since the revamp around 6 months ago that approx half of the email alerts do not contain the aircraft type. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to whether it’s a filed fpl, a dept msg or an arr msg, it can happen on any.

I have been checking FA site itself to see if the crew haven’t filed acft type on the fpl but in all cases the acft type shows when looking up the flight directly, so why is it being removed from the emails?

Prime example is BOE55 which has just filed out of PAE. Acft shows as B773 on this site, but no acft type mentioned in the email received (acft type would normally go in brackets after the callsign) :

BOE55 has just filed a flight plan. It is scheduled to depart from Snohomish County (KPAE) at 18:00 GMT heading for Snohomish County (KPAE) for an estimated arrival at 19:44 GMT.

Expected route: SEA J523 TOU ONP WATTR WEBVE

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The first message we get from the FAA, which triggers the filed alert, doesn’t always have the aircraft type (or prefix or equipment code or filed altitude or filed speed). The aircraft type arrives in a later message, which is how you see it on the site.

Also there’s something unrelated weird about BOE55… the FAA keeps sending messages for filed, 30 seconds later cancelled, then filed, then 30 seconds later cancelled, then filed, etc.


Interesting. It used to work fine before the site/tracking/alert revamp earlier this year. :confused: By the way, ‘cancelled’ alerts don’t work at all.

The acft in question is ANZ ‘All Blacks’ B77W ZK-OKQ, however according to my listings here it isn’t due to fly until Jan 4 :confused:


It’s not related to our changes, but the FAA may have changed the order of the messages with one of their software updates this year. I’ll talk to development about holding the filed messages for a moment since sometimes the message with more details comes just milliseconds later.

Curious they filed B773 instead of B77W, I thought they were pretty good about that.



Re the 777, it happens quite a lot them not getting the correct designator, 77Ws filed as 773s or 772s, 77Ls filed as 772s etc. Happens with the 737s out of RNT as well with 737s filed as 738s, 738s filed as 739s and so on. :laughing: