Email alerts all showing "UNKNOWN"


Hello, since today all email alerts are messed up. Previously the header would say BOE125 filed a flight plan KMWH -> KBFI or BOE616 has departed KPAE for KMWH. Today they show BOE125/UNKNOWN filed a flight plan KMWH-> KBFI and BOE616/UNKNOWN has departed KPAE for KMWH. The actual type shows in the message body just as before, but this new random appearance of “UNKNOWN” in every subject header has only started today. Could the admins fix please. Thanks.


My first alert this afternoon did the same thing, but later ones were like this:
FDX380/N968FD arrived at KBIL from KMEM

Nice feature to have the tail number.

Thanks FlightAware!



All the test flights out of BFI, RNT, PAE and CHS are showing UNKNOWN. I hope they can fix it soon.


I believe there is a fix going out this week. The issues happens when we do not have the tail for a flight, and the user has permission to see the tail (Enterprise account subscribers, for instance)


I don’t even know what my account “level” is. I am one of the original “charter” members from like 1985 or something.

I’ve noticed there seems to be some fudging going on with the registrations as BOE788 right now shows as an old A319 B-6168 and BOE003 yesterday shows N60668 which was also made up (it was A6-FMB and had already dropped the temp test reg). I checked FR24 and neither of the above registrations came from their respective hex codes so it appears someone behind the scenes at your office is making it up as they go along.


This issue has since been resolved. Please let us know if you continue to see it happening.