Repeated Flight Alerts to Inbox

I keep getting repeated flight alerts of flight plan, departed, arrived info for the same flight on a particular N number I registered to get…they just keep coming into my inbox…I disabled that plane…how can I stop these from keep coming? Thanks…Mark

Can you email me (my username at the tail number and the email address you’re receiving alerts at?

I don’t see any active alerts for your account.

Mark, while you are at it, can you see if 86RL keeps filing his flight plan and making changes. It is one of two aircraft I follow and I keep getting text messages about the same flight plan being filed. I think I am up to 5 or 6 over the past two hours. Just wondering if this might be a strange coincidence or if it may help you with the OP’s issue.

EDIT: Flight plan is from MYAT-KPIB, for tomorrow (Monday). Text message is going to the set at&t text address that is in my profile.

I only see one message sent at 2009-02-15 23:15:52.08244 CST which is after your 2 hour window. Strange.

I had three alerts with the same message come in via text message last night at around 8:20-8:40 EST. They were just a few minutes apart. My alerts are on text message only, so I don’t know if I would have experienced the email glitch or not.

Indeed, I just checked my phone and received the same message six more times up until the last at 11:48 PM EST. My phone powers off automatically at 8:45 PM EST and powers back on at 7:30 AM EST. These messages were intermingled with three other, normal flight plan filed, departure, and arrival alerts. Odd.

Ditto. Received numerous dupes on N41847’s flight KSTP-KDPA last night. Emails: 5X “Flight Plan Filed”, 5X “Departed”, 1X “Arrived”. Similar number of text messages to my mobile.

Obligitory sarcasm post…

I am tired of FA sending me these repeated text messages! This is unacceptable! I demand for this to be fixed IMMEDIATELY! I will NOT accept the “we can’t see anything on our side” answer! I want results or I want my money back!!!*

*Poster realizes that FA is free and really doesn’t expect any money back, nor does he actually believe anything that was just posted in a negative manner towards FA. The “FA Gurus” know that the poster does appreciate the hard work they do and hopefully remember the number of “twist offs” that the poster has posted against those that attempt to blast FA and their service.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread…

I cancelled the alerts for that aircraft and the email notifications finally stopped…man, I got a lot of em…it was a 3 leg flight, so there were lots and lots of em…maybe it’ll work itself out…thanks, Mark

Apparently we had an issue with sending out repeated alerts until about 3AM CST but it’s fixed now.

Great! Thanks.