Stop these alerts to my phone!!


OMG!! I set an email/phone alert for my cell phone to receive information regarding my son’s flight this past Wednesday. Happy to say it was a smooth trip for him, even landed a little earlier than scheduled, and my alerts were accurate and very helpful. However, I have received alerts several times a day since then and I can not figure out how to stop them!!! It’s driving me insane! How do I stop these alerts once and for all? I receive them on my phone and by email, at least 6-8 times a day! Someone please help. :angry:


Go back to where you set up the alert ( and disable it there.


Click on “My FlightAware” at the top right of the screen…

Click on “Manage FlightAlerts” above the map…

Under the “Active Alerts” part of the screen, click on “EDIT” next to the flight you wished to track…

Under “Notification Type”, change Enabled from “Yes” to “No”… or click on “Delete this Alert” button at the bottom of the screen.

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I created a notification without logging into flightware quickly for a friend on my phone. When I go back to where I set up the alert there are no options to turn it off. The link you gave says page not found…Im assuming because this thread is a few years old now.



Don’t double post, you have an answer in a different post (general/turning-off-notifications-t12635.html)

Link to manage alerts: