Track one flight once


I’d like to be able to put an alert on just one particluar flight.

That way, when I have people coming in that I have to meet, I can click an alert button and have an SMS sent to my phone. After I’m alerted, I would no longer recieve alerts on that particular flight unless I set it up.

And I’d like to see SMS messages sent instead of email. I want them pushed onto my phone.

And no, I don’t have my phone checking the net every five minutes. It kills the already crappy battery on my Treo.



Set up the alert.
When the flight is done, disable the alert.


The problem with setting up a notification for the “next flight only” is that with all the weirdness that can happen (multiple departure messages, diversions, no arrival message) it wouldn’t be very reliable.

If you enter your phone’s email address (phonenumber@carrier) your carrier will convert the messages to SMS. I can see how this would be ambiguous with smartphones that can also check regular email accounts.


How about an option to have the alert delete itself 12 or 24 hours after the flight’s first appearance in the system (flight plan filed?)


I would like to see an option to put a date range on an alert so it was only active during that date range. This should address the issue of only tracking one flight and would allow me to enter multiple flights (i.e. for a business trip) over a week or two period to track and not get alerts that are not meaningful to me.