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Turning off Notifications

I cannot get the FA for iPhone to stop notifying me of two flights. They are not listed as repeating. It appears the only way I can stop it is to create a new identity and use that.

Any suggestions? A different app?

You can manage (add/edit/disable/delete) all your FlightAware alerts (email, SMS, iPhone app, and Facebook) on the website.

Currently you have 3 alerts all set to recur indefinitely.

Thank you so much! I was looking for this and it was hiding in plain sight!

Thanks for that! I had set a notification for a flight my son took, and it was driving me crazy being notified each day. It’s turned off now, Thanks!

Hi guys…I set up a notification on my blackberry for a friend WITHOUT logging into flightaware.now she’s getting notifications for every flight.

How do we turn these off if they were created without a flightaware account?

Anyone’s help would be much appreciated.

When she was first signed up for the “email a friend” alert, a message was sent with a link to let her manage the alerts.

However if she no longer has that original link, she can simply register on FlightAware using that same email address and the existing flight alerts will be visible in her “My Alerts” page, allowing her to disable them.