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Spurious alerts?

In the last couple of days I have received:
TWN9214 filed a flight plan PANC -> CYWG
TWN9242 filed a flight plan KIAH -> CYEG
TWN9233 filed a flight plan CYEG -> PANC
TWN9237 filed a flight plan CYWG -> KOPF

None ever showed up on flight tracking and I’m reasonably sure those particular flights never happened. Not the first time “TWN” phantom flight plans have appeared and the history of those flight numbers is quite old.

What could be causing this?

What account did you receive those on? I don’t see them in the history for Pat206.

It’s usually the FAA importing or misunderstanding airline schedules, or flight plans being filed by mistake/flight simmers/etc.

On my one and only account. I didn’t save the emails because I didn’t believe them; not the first time they (TWN) have filed to Canada and then presumably cancelled.

Oh, I see your post was more than two weeks ago.

Yea, the flight plan came from the FAA, likely due to one of the two issues I mentioned.