Duplicate listings in proposed departures

I have noticed in the past week or so, that our aircraft and some others show up twice in the proposed departure column. Sometimes within minutes of each other with different departure times. We also receive an email alert when our flight plan is filed. During this same time frame, we are receiving duplicate email alerts. It almost appears as though we get one when the flight plan is filed and another when we actually accept our clearance. Our aircraft is N747DP.
Any ideas?

Along with the extra cancellations, the FAA has been sending us a lot more flight plans, often with curious durations (transcons in 2 hours, etc). They automatically expire after 24 hours, but they do get in the way of seeing real flights, so we’re working on identifying them and removing them sooner.

Here’s one with FOUR on Feb-29!:


Now down to THREE.

I notice with my flights that what appears to be happening is that whenever ATC alters my flight plan it seems to generate a new flight plan. Yesterday I flew from Fayetteville, AR to Oakland, CA and four different flight plans appeared.

The difficulty I have is that I have my wife on the recipient list of my flight activities to help her better understand where I am and what I’m doing (and when I’ll be home). When she gets four different flight plan filing notifications over the course of my flight - none of them accurate as to ETA - it gives her heartburn.

This is more than the FAA kicking out a few too many flight plans though that may indeed be the root cause. There’s something the FAA’s doing at the ATC level now that they weren’t doing a month or two ago that’s causing new flight plans to be injected into the system. Moreover, it seems that most of the data contained in them is not accurate.

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