Duplicate flights


I notice, and it is very confusing, that when a flight is filed with multiple segments, i.e. AAA-BBB-CCC-DDD, Flightaware seems to show in the Departures section three flights: i.e. AAA-BBB, AAA-CCC, and AAA-DDD. This adds to ‘clutter’ because the second and third flights never actually depart and hang around for 24 hours until they are archived… Is there any way that this can be rectified? :question:


That shouldn’t happen. What airport/flight are you looking at?


I am specifically watching CYHU. Most of these duplicates refer to PSC flights, although several others give the same abnormality.


I think I see what you mean; it’s caused by flights diverting rather than flights with multiple segments. I’ll have the developers fix it.



It’s just a little, but bothersome, problem!