alerts don't work all the time

I’ve currently got 1 plane in my alert list and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I get alerts for some flights it makes, other flights generate no alert for some reason.

The email address is correct. I’ve tried deleting it and making a new alert, the problem remains.

Any ideas?

Is it possible that the missing flights are VFR rather than IFR?

I’m talking about the same plane, making [for the part I’m concerned with] the same trip between the same two airports.

My original post wasn’t fully explained: It even happens with alerts about filed flight plans for this plane. Some times I’ll get the alert that one has been filed, other times not.

I don’t see how IFR/VFR comes into play here. I was thinking it’s more likely a bug in the Alerts.

But that’s not logical if I’m the only one experiencing the problem.

Alerts only work for IFR. Can you provide the N number and dates, times, origin/destination for a missed alert?

I tracked five N numbers and they worked fine for several weeks and for the last month or so I get no tracking at all.

I received your email and looked at our logs; the emails are being delivered to your email provider. They may be putting them in your spam folder. I suggest trying a different email address.