Why doesn't flight alert work for my aircraft?

I don’t get flight alerts when i file and fly ifr. Both the email and text settings are correct. Yesterday i entered, opened and flew two ifr flights with no alerts.

Are your flights local? If so, they may be handled strictly by local controllers (e.g. tower) and never enter the national system.

They are probably considered local. 100nm trips in upstate ny. Crossed several TECs (elmira, rochester, buf) and clev center. Only portions of the route actually show on the FA track as well. It is odd that the portion that shows up is usually from the TEC areas not center.


Add your alerts here ^^ – I don’t believe your account has any setup.

yep. got one setup. it shows the edit button next to it.

That’s to edit where the alerts go. You don’t have any aircraft added:


DOH! Newbies!

I got the aircraft added. Should be fine now.

thanks for the help!

No worries – enjoy FlightAware!