not receiving flight alert emails


I’m not sure exactly when I stopped receiving flight alerts, or when the majority of 613’s flights stopped being tracked; but the last few flights (the most recent one yesterday 2/25) I never got any notification that the flight happened. I also don’t see any track even though I left from Charlie airspace with a squawk code.
The tail number is N46613

any help would be appreciated.



What was your origin and destination yesterday?

Were you IFR or VFR?


Departure was kpvd destination was kpym. It was a VFR flight


I don’t see any flights for that city pair (possible tail number typo) or any data for your aircraft.

The reliability of tracking VFR flights was greatly reduced by an FAA software change on August 22, 2010. I’d suggest flying IFR for more reliable flight tracking.

Your alert setup looks fine (actually set up twice, you can delete one), so you should get an alert for any IFR flight we track on the site.

edit: Looked at the raw data, found a cancellation message for you at 1807Z from Boston center with the right origin and destination. No other messages, which is pretty typical for VFR these days.


thanks. I set up the second alert when I was messing around to see if I had it set up correctly.

I’m based at PVD, so most every flight starts from there with a squawk code.
There have been flights on varying lengths on 1/16, 1/30, 2/24, and 2/26. Unfortunately all VFR.

So with that cancellation from BC should I have received any alert?

Sounds like tracking VFR is a dog that just won’t hunt anymore with the current state of data your getting from the FAA.


No, a cancellation message alone won’t trigger any alert. It would have to be tried to an existing active flightplan to do anything, and we didn’t have that for you.