Using Google Maps in PiAware



I’m new to FA, and I’ve successfully set up my PiAware using Debian Package Add-on.
The maps displayed in the Sky View Web Interface appears to be using Open Street Maps as the maps provider. I can change it to Bing Maps, but wondering if it’s possible to use Google Maps satellite view instead.

How and where should I change?
Any help would be appreciated.



another option is to use FAM satellite + 3d mode: FlightAirMap - watching Your Live Data next Level


Google requires that you use their API if using their map tiles; this is essentially unsupportable in SkyView as (a) it would require each user to get their own API key and (b) it would make the map unusable for users that can’t reach Google for one reason or another. To support the google API as well as the openlayers API would essentially involve having two separate versions of SkyView which isn’t practical.

There are some horrible hacks I looked at which did something of a mashup of the Google API and the openlayers API, but I couldn’t get that working reliably.


would be this an idea that helps:


You can use an old version of dump1090-mutability and add in the Google API key if you want the Google map. It’s what I do on mine and units for two local airports.


This looks amazing!
Will try it. Thanks :smile:


Thank you all for the replies.
Appreciate your help.



After the change to OSM I found the map a bit to crowded and colourful compared to Google Maps. That is why am using a less colorful version of the OSM, one just has to add a few lines to a file.

Edit: Ah, you want satellite images maps, so my suggestion wonˋt really help you, but maybe someone else stumbling on this thread may find it useful. Might actually be a nice standard option in a new release?


I wish for your success