Possible to see my station's flights map from FA website

Piaware newbie here. Just put one together and am having fun watching what’s going on in the air above me. I especially like the Earth map with the planes overlaid, and from the FA website I like the ‘from-to’ information in table form.

From the FA website about my station, I can see flights in table form (from, to, altitude, etc), but no Earth map with planes overlaid.

Is there a way from the FA website to:

  • show an Earth map with planes overlaid that only my station hears?

Is there a way from the locally hosted Piaware website to:

  • show the from-to information for the flights in the table on the right?

Thanks in advance,

if you are logged on to the same network(router) as your piaware receiver, when you are logged in on “your” flightware stats page, you should see stuff like this on the right side:

Site identifier: xxxx
Internet IP: 206.45.xx.xxx
Site local IP: 192.168.0.xxx
Web interface: *** view live data *** (requires local network connection)

click on the link located at “Web interface: view live data (requires local network connection)”

if you have assigned a static ip address (a good idea) then make note of this IP address for quick local access directly to your piaware tracker.

Thanks - I’ve been doing that but I was hoping to see my flightware map remotely when I’m at work.

I take it then that it’s not possible through the FA website itself?

Can you not just port forward from your router to your PiAware?

For example anybody can access my map…


No. You need to set up port forwarding on your router so that your dump1090 map can be viewed remotely.

And as for getting origin/destination information to be displayed on your personal dump1090 map…yes, but FlightAware does not give that data away for free. (Nor does anyone else). See http://flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/

Thanks Huff. I’ve been putting off getting a VPN set up (I have security camera NVR’s I’d like to access too) but this may push me into actually getting it done.