User / Site Heading on User Statistics Pages


For newish guys like me, it wasn’t immediately clear that there exists 30 day rankings within two separate domains, the first being “User” ranking, the other being “Site” ranking. When I first started, not understanding the idea that the relationship between users and sites is not necessarily one to one made it difficult to understand the meaning of some of the stats. The following two changes would, I think, help make that distinction more clear right off the bat:
First, I suggest the “Highest Ranking Achieved In Last 30 Days” label in this area be changed to say “Highest User Ranking Achieved in Last 30 Days”:

Second, I suggest the following heading be changed to read “30 Day Site Ranking”

Once the distinction of “users” and “sites” is understood by the user, the existing labels do make sense, but I think these changes might better advertise that “users” and “sites” are not the same thing for statistical purposes.



Thanks for the input. We had identified this area as needing improved clarification. You should see some changes here shortly.


where can one find an explanation of the difference between users and sites?


Well, one user can have many sites. Some have two at the same location for experimenting with different setups, other people have sites at a friend’s house or the office.

The first ranking on the stats pages shows user ranking, ie all the sites a user have combined. Below the point where you can choose between your sites all stats are only for the site selected.

There are also site based and user based stats on the general section of the stats on the web pages.


so the individual sites can have different names but those sites all connect back to a single user, then the user ranking (at the top of the feeder statistics page) is the sum of those individual sites?

i am in the process of ordering bits to set up a second site to “fiddle” with gain etc and am trying to understand.


Yes, that is how it works. You choose between the sites in the orange bar below the user information.

Just noticed, it actually says highest user ranking and 30 day site ranking now. :+1:t2: