Difference between Sites and Users?

I am wondering what the difference is.

I have been tracking a nearby site, “Operations Staff” (world’s oldest continuously operated airport), as a baseline and they (the user) have two sites. One at the airport and another other offsite they were using to fiddle with antenna configurations. I was using the site with the higher of the two (13020) as the baseline as I fiddled with my antenna. I have been slightly ahead of them in the stats ranking which makes sense as I have been in general, been a few hundred aircraft ahead of them each day.

But today they jumped ahead of me in the rankings while still being slightly behind in the number of aircraft seen each day. They were a little behind me until today.

If I add both sites together they would be ahead of me. Does the sites stats ranking now combine sites?

Site 12397 and 13020 with 13020 the one I have been using as a baseline.

I don’t know that these stats are actually that meaningful - if a user has 3 sites say 300km apart in a triangle, they could (if they are not doing MLAT) combine the signals from all the sites and put then through a single feeder (300km could be London, Paris, Amsterdam or New York, Washington and half way to Niagra)

FA would see it **a site **with huge coverage and amazing stats.

The rankings use “total aircraft seen” which is a 30-day total so it could have been something up to a month ago that’s affecting it (e.g. site was down for a day, a month ago)

The ranking stats are using median values and not mean values. This is to prevent having one bad day from destroying your stats and from really good days from boosting your stats. Our ranking is to rank sites that are very consistently sending us data.

Your ADSB stats are showing a large boost in the last 2 weeks and so the median values haven’t changed at all even through your averages has jumped much higher than others.
You will definitely start to see your ranking improve over the next 2 weeks.

Google search of “mean vs median”

I couldn’t find anything funny happening with operations staff stats. They just been very steady stats over the last month.

BTW, Great upgrade to your site.