Can someone explain the Nearby Sites stats calculation


This has been on my mind for quite some time, I never quite understood how the stats display for the Nearby Sites is calculated…I’ve attached a screenshot to hopefully explain what I mean.



I had noticed issues with these stats about a week ago.

Before the new layout the Nearby stats were Median Stats.

if they are still Median Stats they are broken. Values of 0 are not taken into consideration. I have already reported this to ericcarlson. though I have not seen anything fixed as yet.



Even before on the old layout, I just didn’t get it why it’s Median. Why doesn’t it show a weekly average? Or just the high for that day?


I guess they wanted to show the sites “middle” value, not the average. however if your values have a few 0 day values these are not included. now that makes no sense at all. I think an average would be a better solution than what we have at present. though maybe they can’t or dont want to process average values as this would add additional calculations on the servers rather than picking a middle known value.


And I think this needs to be bumped. The points raised are very valid and there has been no reply from any FA staff.


This was addressed on another thread. Please see this post: Redesigned ADS-B Statistics pages