Stats not working?


I took a picture of my nearby sites page stats yesterday.

I just looked at them again and they are exactly the same.

not just mine but everybody on the nearby sites page.

Anyone else having this problem?

my feeder shows active as of 2 minutes ago.

I just changed out the sdr I was using and wanted to see if it was any better…


Nearby stats show the median of the last seven 7 days, current day included, i.e. it is the 4 value of the seven last days, ordered by size. So if the new value and the dropped value are similiar, the median and therefore the shown values does not change.


Thank You for your response.


No problem, it has been discussed here before :wink:
It is not very intuitive and not really explained on the stats page.

The last day would probably be good enough for most people, but I guess FA wanted to have an “average” value without actually calculating and storing an additional value?!


It’s not about what’s more expensive to compute (there’s no real difference). A median is arguably more useful than a mean here, because weekly data has regular outliers (the weekend)


Ah, ok. I like the fact that it is an actual value of a day,not just something calculated.

That said, I guess many people would expect/prefer to have the last full UTC day as a means for comparison.