Nearby Stations Data


Viewing the data on my statistics page, under the nearby stations I noticed the figures shown for my station actually relate to 05/05/2018 although today’s date is 11/05/2018.

Should it relate to specific historical dates?


The numbers on the stats page are the median values for the last 7 days. I.e. disregard the 3 lowest and 3 highest figures and the middle one (median) is the one displayed. The aircraft and position medians displayed may well be from different days.

I have noticed similar anomalies and the stats on the"nearby stations" table are sometimes up to date and often 3 or 4 days behind.

I assumed they were just a bit behind due to load and those stats are prob ably lowest priority.

I use them to see if changesi have made are an improvement and it just means i might have to wait a day or two for the stats to catch up.


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Ok, that explains it. Not an issue just mere curiosity.


Funny enough, I only figured out what was going on last week. It had been puzzling me too :slight_smile:

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