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Understanding the statistics data


Can anyone explain to me why user daveukldn has 705,345 Positions registered on the stats page, which appears to be his value for site 23427 4th Dec and iandavidson 502,553 is from the 2nd December?

Surely they should be showing data for the same days?


why should they.

maybe ian has range in a direction where he gets his extra count of aircraft but overall can’t see as far as dave.

so as dave sees each plane for longer he gets more positions for each plane.
but he can’t see as many unique aircraft because ians house is in the way.


Thanks for your reply, but my question was about the dates of the data.


Isn’t that the section that shows your ranking, relative to those near you, averaged over the last 7 days?


hmm this is possible but doesn’t match the data unless the 705,345 value is both an actual days value and a 7 day average, the odds of which seem unlikely.

ho hum never mind…


does this help

objFlightAware Staff

Jan '15

Yep, it’s consistent here too - it shows the median of the last 7 values from the top table.
(it does say median, not mean…)


From a discussion some months ago:


Thanks to all who replied, yes it does now make sense.