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Nearby Station Position stats

Has the calculation of nearby station position stats changed? I have a station nearby that has lower positions than me every day, but is showing more positions than me in my Nearby Stations list.

I was under the impression that “Positions” stat was just the median number from the last day. If so how is their number greater when I have higher position numbers every day?

What gives?

I am pretty sure that it displays the median number from the last 7 days, (including today, which seems to give me some odd results early in the day when today’s number is low)

If that’s the case I don’t understand why I’m below another nearby station that has lower positions every day.

If you look at the reported positions for the last 7 last days, your score is the number mid way.
Put the numbers in order of size, remove the highest 3 numbers and the lowest 3 numbers, then your score is the remaining one.
The same is true of flights.

You may well be getting better numbers than him a lot of the time, but if he achieves 4 out of 7 days with a higher score, he “wins”.

They didn’t have lower positions every day. Look again, they had a higher number of positions on their median day. Looks like you were unlucky and had one bad day just when it mattered.

What number is being used for positions? Just ADS-B? Or the total position number?

All I believe.
Have a look at the numbers.

Because the rank is based on the aircraft count, not the position count.

(edit: ah, sorry, I misread your question; I thought by “higher” you meant rank)

Here is a screen cap of my stats for positions as of a few seconds ago:

If I order the values in the Total column from smallest to largest, I get

147, 150

If I throw away the 3 smallest values and the 3 largest values, the remaining value is 177,120. When I look at my Nearby Sites stats, I see:

So, it’s working exactly as described.