Feeder Site Stats Not Included In Nearby ADS-B Section

I have been trying to get this issue resolved or at least an explanation for several few weeks and have done forum posts, emails to contact@flightaware.com, private messages to FA staff with no response (I did do chat but he could not help). No sure how to resolve so I figured I would make a dedicated thread as a last resort before I officially give up. Can someone from FA just let me know if there is an issue, you are too busy – or just don’t like me? :smiley:

#2 A relatives site 7257 KABE (looken4it2) does not show his comparison stats (0 miles) under the Nearby ADS-B Site stats section, while my site (6930) does include my feeder site data this comparison. Several other user sites I randomly checked show the user data in the Nearby ADSB Site section. Is there a setting amiss for site 7257 or a system issue?

Site 7257 without stats (no looken4it2 stats):

My site 6930 with stats (with BRep007 stats):

Site 7257 looken4it2 will eventually be the high feeder in the area if his stats were included in the Nearby ADSB Site section.

Thanks, I understand you guys are busy, but just wanted some acknowledgement someone from FA actually saw this request.


Hi – I did see your posts and messages about this, apologies for not responding. I spent about half an hour yesterday looking at it but it’s an obscure bug I don’t quite understand yet. It’s not a problem with your site or usage of FA – the program isn’t returning the right results.

Thank you very much for looking into it and I appreciate the response!