Anomaly In Feeder Reports

Hi, Yesterday I was checking my reports received by my feeder at 1830 HRS it showed me ADS-B ~ 38000 MLAT ~ 7000 Other ~ 4000 and Total ~ 42000 (I was just checking can’t remember the exact values), but at 2100 HRS what I found all values decreased ADS-B ~ 16000 MLAT ~ 4000 Other ~ 1000 Total ~ 21000. I just want to make sure is it just me or anybody else had the same issue ?? Regards, INDR4N1L.

Your ADSB stats page lists other users nearby. Check their stats to see if they are consistent with yours. If there are no planes, nobody sees planes.

Thank you for your reply joelwiley, but what I’m trying to say is yesterday suddenly all Feeder Report values went down from higher to lower and again up (Not the 30 day ranking report). Is it any Technical Glitches or something else ?